Unfolding the Shirt


With hands careworn and aged,
An old friend full of years and long in sight
Gives careful planning, preparing the way.
Knowing the uncertainty of a journey's provision,
And the frailty of life's brief spark,
Aid is given with great wisdom and knowledge,
Maturity and order. All plans thought out;
Carefully folded and reassuringly presented
Into the eager hands of youth.

Without understanding or appreciation,
Innocence and inexperience accept the substance.
In haste, unnoticing and rushing heedlessly;
Trusting that needs will always have some fulfillment,
That health and life will continue unabated and strong,
Youth dashes headlong down an unknown path,
Casting caution to the winds of fate.
He unfolds and wads up the plans of experience,
Stuffing them into a bag
For later consideration.


    A. Buckles / '03