Voice smooth as silk,
Warm and
Replete with carefully chosen wisdom,
Soothing as softly perfumed oils;
Tongue bearing the essence
Of a dragon's cunning,
The voice of the ancient dragons,
The great Worms of old
Lives on in your choices of words,
Like the hypnotic gaze of a snake,
Your counsel gently approaches and
Softly you use them to weave your net
Around him,
Slowly, slowly you notch it tighter...
Ensuring he will make no move
Or decision without you.
Until he can be consumed;
His will sipped away drop by drop,
Under the spell of your counsel.

How wise your words sound,
How compassionate and kind,
Always in great consideration
Of his weaknesses.
Convincing your prey that you alone
Truly understand him.
As a dragon counts and tallies his gold,
You carefully weigh the balance of your power.
Surely as a good servant you will be rewarded?
Surely, the one who taught you how to speak thus
Will grant you your riches in due time.
Surely the one who taught you to deceive so well
Is trustworthy...
As a dragon secure in your lair
You curl around your ill-gotten treasure,
In foolish assurance you do not fear
These few, newly come to the door.
The power of the tongue
Seems greater than any man's strength...
And the woman you have been promised
Is always kept near.


    A. Buckles / '03