Im double glad he went then, sir. Do you know, Dad always read The Red Book out loud to us all, and I never got a chance to read it for myself. But I always suspicioned that he skipped over some of the worst things that had to do with him.

(The artist says - "Sam Gamgee is seated with Elanor at his elbow, and then left to right is Daisy sitting neatly, then Little Tom being comforted at an anxious moment by Goldilocks, Merry and Pippin sit in the middle [Pippin is just about to tickle Merry's neck with a blade of grass], then Rose, with Primrose leaning across her lap to keep a eye on her little brother Tom. Sat behind that row is Ruby, and the quiet, thoughtful Frodo. At front is Hamfast [thinking he can tell the story better than his dad!], and Bilbo, and lastly Robin.")

by Enchanted Oaks