Captain Jack Sparrow


This costume was made for Dragon*Con 2003 and was my first real costume (i.e., one my mother didn't make!) - despite its inaccuracies, I'm still very fond of it. Since the movie had come out only a few months earlier, I was working with limited references, time, and, as always, money. This costume introduced me to the joys of bargain costuming (and earned me the much-cherished nickname 'MacGuyver of Costumes'). The wig was hand-tied on a panty-hose base with a beard made of fake hair embedded in latex, the tricorne was made from an old pair of leather pants, and the belt-buckle is a light-switch cover! It was also my first attempt at sewing my own clothing, and since I lacked a sewing machine at that time it was all hand-sewn.

I don't have a real write-up for this costume, but I'll be happy to answer any questions.

Though I'm flattered by the inquiries, THIS COSTUME IS NOT FOR SALE. I will not make a costume or wig for you, sorry.