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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Entropy Cubed

I'd like to welcome any new readers to this blog, but also apologize to those same readers for the fact that posts, at least for the immediate future, will be infrequent. I unfortunately have to spend most of my extremely limited energy trying not to die of heart failure and thus have little left for more pleasant pursuits.

On top of which is that apart from the actual posts, which I can do via Blogger's simple system, the other aspects - such my design layout or the above in-site links - have to be put up by my young'un, who herself is limited by the fact that she has to work, finish a master's degree, take care of me and do all of the cooking, too. (And considering that she accomplished what she has running two websites with next to no formal training, I think she's done a right good job.) Thus little deteriorations creep in - for instance, the code for the archiving below has gone really weird, resulting in redundancies right, left and center. So if you want to read archived materials, you might be driven less batty if you just start at the beginning and work your way forward.

I slave-drive her as much as is merciful, and there's also the problem of having left a number of inncocent marshmallows abandoned in Moria for about a year and a half now to worry us ( So I'm afraid that you must in patience possess your souls and not give up on us entirely. We hope.



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