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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Sticker Shock

Another fine article by David Bass is up at World Net Daily - Separation of Sticker and State – close upon the heels of his apt and well-reasoned comments about the Terri Schiavo situation.

The Schiavo article pleased me especially because I have a considerable amount of emotional energy invested in Terri’s situation, due to my own experiences with the wonderful world of Efficiency-mongering.

David’s parents are old friends going back a quarter-century, but they had moved away from North Carolina before the boys were born, so I didn’t have an opportunity to meet him or his brother Matt ( until recent years. They are an entertaining pair and good company, and are also a splendid advertisement for the virtues of home-schooling.

So I take a maternal interest in their accomplishments; thus the article mention. (By way of full disclosure - not that this is of national concern, but I may as well start as I mean to go on – Matt has diverted some of the advertising revenue from TolkienMovies into the Entropy House costume fund. But I inflicted horrible knitted pot-holders of my making upon him by way of retribution, so we’re even.)


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