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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Other Woman in Michael Schiavo's Heart

He has a heart?

But I'm being snippy. It's really a such a sweet, touching story:
"They met by chance at a dentist's office. Neither was searching for love..."
Make a good country song, that. We could have a second verse to the Media Blues. You'll recall the first one:
She’s a mindless cauliflower with old broccoli for a brain
She’s a-droolin’ and she doesn’t know her name
She’s as dumb as a potater
Or a shiny red tomater
And she’ll never, never think a thought agaaaaiiinnnnn
Hmmmm. How 'bout:
They was in the dentist’s office when their eyes first met in love
He was sadder than the mournin’ of a duuuvvvve
While the dentist was a-drillin’
His pore, lonely heart was fillin’
With this sugar-coated angel from abuuuuuuvvvvvve.
*cough* Where was I?

Ah, yes, touching story. A fairy-tale ending of bliss snatched from the jaws of a cold, cold world, a morsel of earthly happiness ever tinged with the bittersweet shadows of old, old sadness. Will this sorrowful couple find peace? Will Tara marry Philip or Charles? Or are Charles and Philip the same man? Maybe Tara's a man! And what about Barnabas? Will Othello and Becky Sharp find happiness after all their suffering? And there's bound to be an aria from Madame Butterfly in there somewhe—*smack!*

Ow! (ed--No, Baillie. No more songwriting. Bad!)

Okay, okay! How 'bout that old American standby?
How he missed her,
How he missed her,
How he missed his Clementine,

Til he kissed her
Little sister
He forgot his Clementiiiinnne!
Passion, cruel persecution, starry eyes and gentle souls, dental floss, regret and yearning, all wound helplessly into a heartwringingly complicated cat's cradle worthy of all the love-triangles that ever were - it's all here for you, America! Who needs All My Children?
"I could see he was very uneasy, very scared," John Centonze said. "He had spent four to five years by himself. He seemed lonely and heartbroken."

Schiavo always made it clear he was still in love with Terri, relatives say.

"Mike still has a lot of emotions for Terri," John Centonze said. "People make him out to be this mean guy, and he's nothing like that at all."

Jodi Centonze knew what she was getting into, her brother said.

"From the beginning she knew the situation," her brother said. "He told her, if you have a problem with this, this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to fulfill her wishes, and carry it out until the end."
Poor dears. Such nobility! Such self-sacrifice!
"She's there for him 100 percent," Centonze's brother said.
So it would seem.

This is one of the puffiest puff-piece-apologies for adultery and murder I think I've ever read.


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